Online Cataloging Service

Technology has become an enabler for businesses, big or small, to increase their top line by opening many doors everywhere from their physical marketplace. The advent of e-commerce and its ancillaries have made it increasingly smooth to grow sales and bring together multiple sources of sale and channel partners. Manufacturers and wholesalers, who do not have direct access to the open mass market, can have a world of opportunity knocking at their doorstep. Just by a single click of a button, the entire globe’s door is opened for such businesses, who want to increase their volume of sales and thereby increasing profits.
It is often difficult for traditional businesses to attach themselves to the digital forefront and the strong pace of growth. The sudden change in demand become a pain to manage for smaller businesses, which do not have prior experience of online selling. Moreover, managing a number of products and services is also sometimes tedious. However, it is inevitable these days to have a strong Information Technology backup to manage growing sales, multiple partners, multiple courier lines and manifold orders to fulfill.
An option available with such manufacturers and wholesalers is to sell through any e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues etc. Again, sellers have the option to sell on multiple platforms at a single point of time. Although it is very fastidious and offers easy sell of products, but it is difficult to maintain the level of inventory and constantly update the same on different websites. It has to work on a real-time basis. To facilitate the easy sell, sellers have to make their products and services digital ready or easy to pick on an e-commerce platform. For this, it is always better to have a detailed product photo shoot, capturing the key highlights and USP of the product in contention. You can also include 360° photos of your products, which will give even more insight on the product and have a different perspective for the viewer.
The sales are bound to increase since these online marketplaces have rigorous marketing campaigns, throwing out never seen before and once in a lifetime offers. With extensive competition in this foray, marketplaces also go for model photography of all the seller’s products, featuring them in the landing pages and adding great offers to it.
Thanks to thoughtful entrepreneurs, some websites collaborate all the information of the seller and bring them into one place for the sellers to view, manage and expedite operations. These websites work on a real time basis and bring stock positions, accounts settlements, order tracking and an integrated courier system, all at one place, and display as a dashboard for the seller to see and decide the next big step. Sellers also have the option of cataloging and indexing their products, classifying them under several categories, making it easier for people to search them anywhere on the website. Such websites help you focus on selling your product, rather than having a number of people for managing each sale.
It is impervious for manufacturers, looking to expand their business volume, to sell through a marketplace and bring the world closer to their doorstep.